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For some people installing their own swimming pool is a reasonable goal. The opportunity to save some money utilizing ones own skills can be a rewarding endeavor. If you are in the construction industry or consider yourself a handyman, you probably posses the skills necessary to install your own pool. Now the question is, “What is involved with a “do it yourself” pool installation and why purchase from Capitol Pools?”

Installing an inground fiberglass pool is a relatively simple task when compared to installing other types of inground pools. Every San Juan Fiberglass pool or spa is solid one piece pre-manufactured structure. Each model is constructed on its own giant mold in a controlled manufacturing environment ensuring the highest quality seamless construction. The pool is delivered directly to the job site by the San Juan transportation team. The pool must then be unloaded with a crane, or similar equipment, and then installed into the prepared pool site. Next, the pool is leveled, filled with water and backfilled while the circulation pipes and equipment are installed. After the pool is backfilled and filled with water you’re ready for grading, pouring the concrete deck, installing deck equipment and final clean up. Click here for complete installation instructions. You are now ready for fencing, landscaping and other final site tasks. The next question is, “Why a fiberglass pool kit rather than other types of pool construction kits?”

The two other types of pool construction are vinyl lined and concrete (gunite). Concrete is much too sophisticated for someone other than a pool professional to attempt to install, therefore, vinyl lined kit pools are the only viable alternative to a fiberglass kit pool. Vinyl lined pool kits require you to assemble many pieces together and rely heavily on ambient soil, climatic, and skilled labor to produce a quality product. Vinyl lined pool construction is back breaking work and requires much time and many man hours to complete. A fiberglass pool can be easily installed with two or three laborers in a fraction of the time or energy spent constructing a vinyl lined pool. You will also note that in most instances the many components of a vinyl lined pool will have different warranties and in many cases different manufacturers. With a San Juan pool the whole pool is covered under the famous San Juan 25 year Limited Warranty; the walls, the bottom, the benches, the stairs, everything! Click here to find out more about San Juan pools. You are now wondering why should I invest with Capitol Pools?

When purchasing “do it yourself” products over the internet such as pools, there is much more involved than simply buying a single object, (clothing, furniture, tools, etc.). You will need to rely on the advice and experience of the company you are purchasing from to guide you through the installation process and to avoid pitfalls that can cause problems. Capitol Pools is one of the few companies that is a swimming pool contractor as well as a wholesale distributor. We have intimate knowledge regarding pool layout design, installation, plumbing, equipment setup, not to mention all the tricks of the trade you won’t find in standard installation manuals. We are only a phone call away if you have any questions as you proceed with the installation process. We can supply you with all the supporting equipment for the pool installation (pumps, filters, heaters, lights, etc.), and give you advice on proper installation. If you want to build your own pool but are uncomfortable with some aspect of the installation process, you may hire Capitol Pools to do those portions for you, or even hire us to do the entire project. Many internet based pool sales outfits will only sell you the product; after that, you’re on your own. Capitol Pools is a warranty station and has repair technicians for all our products.

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Service Call
Capitol Pools is an authorized service center for most major brands of inground pool equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, automation, lights, chlorine generators, cleaners, vinyl liners, etc. Please fill out the following information and someone from Capitol Pools will contact you regarding your needs. If your situation is urgent please contact us by calling 608-825-7878.
Pool Opening

Pool Opening Services
Deluxe Pool Opening $150.00

Remove winter plugs, install suction/return fittings and equipment drain plugs, start pool equipment and inspect for proper operation, add shock, and algaecide treatment, (customer to have water removed from solid covers, pool water brought up to normal operating level and all necessary opening fittings are to be left outside on equipment pad).

Deluxe Pool and Spa Opening $225.00

Opening a pool/spa combination including all the items listed for the Pool Opening above.

Ultimate Pool Opening $250.00

Everything included in the Deluxe Pool Opening PLUS we will vacuum the pool.
(some restrictions apply)

Ultimate Pool and Spa Opening $350.00

Everything included in the Deluxe Pool and Spa Opening, PLUS we will vacuum the pool and spa.
(some restrictions apply)

Mesh Cover Removal $75.00

Remove mesh safety cover, recess brass anchors, fold cover and store on site.

Automatic Cover Service $95.00

Remove debris from automatic cover box, (this should be done yearly), lubricate reel ends, inspect for worn cover parts.

Install Underwater Light $10.00
In most cases pool lights that need to be installed into a niche cannot be installed at the time of the pool opening due to high water levels and or very cold water. Coming back to install the light at a later date is therefore necessary. If we can install the light the same time we open the pool the price is $10.00 per light fixture. If we must come back, then the cost is $40.00 for up to two lights.

Clean Chlorine Generator Cell $35.00

Chlorine generator cells should be cleaned every 3 – 4 months of operation to maintain peak efficiency. Extremely dirty cells may cost more.

Weekly Pool Maintenance
Pool Operating and Maintenance Guide

To download this entire document for future reference, use your Web browser's 'print' feature.

Do Not Drain Your Pool! Draining a pool may result in hydrostatic pressure damage or liner destruction. Consult with your pool dealer before draining..

Pool Closing
Call us now to schedule your Fall closing. Our time slots are filling fast so call today.

Please give us a call today.
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